“One can only see that upon which the attention is focused, and attention is given only to things which already have a place in one’s awareness.” (Alphonse Bertillon)

Rapidly changing markets – specially adapted solutions

“Each eye is unique.” In the past decade on the optical market, this has led to a guiding principle which might be described as a great emphasis on individualization with the objective of finding a suitable answer to each customer requirement. The changing ophthalmology market has created a demand for new printing solutions for progressive lenses. COTEC has responded with the MATRIX 2.0 and MATRIX 3.0 digital printing systems.

Hydrophobic functional coatings – MATRIX

Many years of experience in ongoing product development in the field of chemical surface treatment with hydrophobic functional coatings as well as systems engineering are the key success factors which enabled the creation of a digital printing system.

Our development team together with our own production facility ensures the provision of leading-edge solutions. As one of the leading providers of functional coatings such as DURALON series materials, we have developed a digital printing system which provides the opportunity to print individual, customer-specific designs on any lens surface, particularly even hydrophobic surfaces.

MATRIX digital printing system

COTEC presents the MATRIX: a fast, safe, economical and environmentally friendly printing solution for progressive lenses. Perfect, high-resolution printing without design limitations. No influence on surface properties. Removal of the printing with no residue.

High-resolution printing

Our printing ink polymer dries immediately after printing and requires no additional drying processes. The printing produced has clear, sharp lines and edges. The finest structures can be shown with high resolution.

Optimal adhesion – removal with no residue

The printing ink bonds ideally to the surface, even with hydrophobic coating, and can be completely removed after processing, leaving no residue or “ghost images”.

Individual design – customer-specific information

Customer-specific, adapted printing designs can be created, managed and printed. The designs are produced on a PC and saved in a graphics format. Interfaces such as the OMA standard are integrated. This enables you to integrate personalized information or marketing messages in your high-resolution printing.

Material consumption is extremely low and enables cost-effective marking of your surface. No time-consuming production of printing plates is required.    Blue, yellow and magenta printing inks are available for the low maintenance MATRIX printing system. The printing ink is solvent-free, completely safe and subject to no transport restrictions.


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